We love our products, and we stand behind each and every one of them, so we want to resolve any issues for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ve dealt with warranty departments that take forever, and we know how that makes you feel. Talk to us, and we’ll do our best.

If you believe that you have a claim, please make sure you provide us with the all the required information listed and read ALL the info below.
Please contact info@grvl.bike with proof of purchase and information/photos of your problem. Please don’t make a story up, be honest and straightforward, believe it or not, we can tell.
By making sure you provide all the information requested we will be able to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently.

The following warranty policy applies to the original owner only, and to GRVL hard goods only, it does not cover soft goods. If you have experienced a problem with one of our products, please contact info@grvl.bike as soon as possible.

Each product is under warranty for the period of 30 days from the purchase of one of our products. If a fault in the manufacturing is identified, we will replace it free of charge. A manufacturing defect is anything that is deemed to be incorrect with the product when purchasing it. We understand that sometimes it can take time to notice them, which is why we allow this 30 day period to contact us.

If you damage a GRVL product while in use, you can purchase a replacement or upgrade at a ‘Goodwill Replacement’ price for the lifetime of that part. Our 30-day warranty against manufacturing faults will automatically cover any product that is purchased through our ‘Goodwill Replacement’ program.

Warranty and Goodwill can only be claimed if you are the original owner, and proof of purchase MUST be provided.
Any faulty goods must be returned to us for inspection & disposal by GRVL.
This limited warranty does not cover transportation cost and labour.
This warranty will be invalidated if the damage is caused by improper use, or the product was not being used under normal riding conditions.
Normal riding conditions are defined as using your bike in a manner that is within your capabilities.
This warranty does not cover damage to a product that is caused by an external force, or due to negligent use such as running into immovable objects, crashing or modification with improper tools.
This warranty will not be valid if the product has been structurally altered in any way.
Bending, denting, stripping of threads is not covered by this warranty, as this can only be caused by error, or abuse and punishment, which is not the fault of the product.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, accident abuse, neglect, improper assembly, improper maintenance.
We reserve the right to offer to replace a damaged product with one that we feel is a more suitable replacement.
This warranty is made by GRVL only, no person including a dealer is authorised to make a representation or warranty on behalf of GRVL, and GRVL assumes no responsibility thereof.
If you have any questions, please contact info@grvl.bike

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